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Informative document in accordance with the simplified procedures identification provision for the notification and the acquisition of consent to the use of cookies, dated May 8, 2014.
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What is a cookie?
A cookie is a file that is stored on your computer, tablet, smartphone, when you visit a website.
Most websites use them and they are generally harmless. When you revisit the website later or visit a different webpage a copy of the cookie file is sent to the website.
They can be used to store information and have many uses. With the most common being tracking, remembering your details or settings, and to keep you logged in to an account.

Cookies are a convenient way to carry information from one session on a website to another, or between sessions on related websites, without having to burden a server machine with massive amounts of data storage. Storing the data on the server without using cookies would also be problematic because it would be difficult to retrieve a particular user's information without requiring a login on each visit to the website.

If there is a large amount of information to store, then a cookie can simply be used as a means to identify a given user so that further related information can be looked up on a server-side database. For example the first time a user visits a site they may choose a username which is stored in the cookie, and then provide data such as password, name, address, preferred font size, page layout, etc.: this information would all be stored on the database using the username as a key. Subsequently when the site is revisited the server will read the cookie to find the username, and then retrieve all the user's information from the database without it having to be re-entered.

Some cookies can track the services utilized by the user and can create logs of his browsing history, even in the long term. This is why in Europe, and in Italy, the legislation regarding cookies was updated.
Our website uses cookies to allow an easy site navigation, storing certain choices, and not forcing you to repeat them at every click.
These cookies do not collect and do not store personal data.

Some cookies directly originate from other sites, to keep track of pages visited on the site with Google Analytics, allowing to improve the site over time.
And so are the features developed by third parties, related to the social network icons on the site.

To read the privacy policy of Google company, you can visit the websites:
There is a specific tool to disable Google Analytics:

This site uses only technical cookies, useful to make navigation and provide services the user requests, and does not use profiling cookies.
If you do not want in any case to accept cookies from our website, you can disable or delete cookies from your Internet browser's security settings.
Every Internet browser lets you use, manage or delete cookies for every navigated website.

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